We want to show you that your actions really do matter and what better way than awarding prizes to Flagstaff Locals? Entry is as easy as following 3 simple steps. Submit a photo or video of you showing how #Myactionsmatter. Then share your post and ask your friends to vote for your entry. Done! Winners will be announced at the end of the month. #MyActionsMatter #FlagstaffLocal

#My Actions Matter Photo/Video entries

Flagstaff Local – My actions matter –  is a community movement that encourages and celebrates residents that choose to Shop Flagstaff, Volunteer, Be Eco-Friendly, Donate, Support Education, Mentor, and Vote. By taking part in the Flagstaff Local movement, you are connecting what you love about Flagstaff and living here, with your everyday actions. Take the Pledge today by signing up to join the movement …

Join The Movement -make a difference

Flagstaff Local – My actions matter – is brought to you by the City of Flagstaff and our partners to highlight the importance of keeping our collective actions local.

We encourage you to share your actions because they matter.

For example, when you choose to shop Flagstaff, your purchase generates revenues that help support parks and recreation, public safety, our vital workforce, and much more. Choosing to buy coffee from a neighborhood coffee house, or buying your next vehicle from a Flagstaff dealer directly results in your money staying here. Simply said, when you spend in Flagstaff, your money remains in Flagstaff.

Equally important, when you volunteer, be eco-friendly, donate, support education, mentor, and vote, you are also contributing to everyone’s overall quality of life.

You love Flagstaff. We love Flagstaff. Let’s come together, share our actions, and be the city where people continue to visit, discover, grow, and thrive.

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