Frequently Asked Questions​

Q1How do I participate, where do I go, and does it cost money?

A1: It’s easy to participate. Go to flagstafflocal.com and register yourself online. You will be asked to fill in your first and last name, your email address, age range, and to create a password so you can come back time and again to log your actions. It does not cost any money to participate in the program besides the ‘shop Flagstaff’ and ‘donate’ pillars.  In these two pillars, you can decide if you want to make a monetary donation to a nonprofit of choice or make a purchase at a local business, and in both instances, you would need to upload the receipt to earn points. 


Q2:  Who is eligible to participate?

A2:  Residents living within the Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) boundaries are eligible, however activities must occur within the city limits. Once you visit flagstafflocal.com, you can click on a field that shows the FUSD boundary map. At the top right of the map, you can type in your home address to see if you are eligible and withthin the boundary map. You will have to zoom out to see the boundaries once it shows your address.


Q3: Who can I contact to answer questions or assist me in signing up?

A3: Locals can call (928) 213-2901 or email info@flagstafflocal.com for questions. Locals can go to the Flagstaff Visitor Center at 1 E. Route 66 for assistance in signing up, logging actions, and more.

Visitor Center Hours: Monday – Saturday 8AM – 5PM, Sunday 9AM-4PM


Q4:  Do I have to provide an email address?

A4:  Yes, this is the method of communication to notify reward winners. This was the chosen method vs. asking a local to share phone numbers.


Q5:  Why do I need to populate the age field?

A5:  In order to comply with Arizona state laws regulating raffles and drawings, any person 20 years-old or younger may only receive a prize valued up to $9.99.  Any person 21-years or older, may be awarded a prize with value greater than $10.  Filling out the age field tells us which prize-range you are eligible, and it also shows that if you need parental approval, that you have indicated as such.


Q6:  Can I log my purchases and activities that were completed outside Flagstaff city limits?

A6:  No.  Earning points for Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter exclusively supports businesses and organizations within the Flagstaff city limits.


Q7:  Will my name, email address, and age be protected within the website?

A7:  Yes. The website is secured and there will be no selling of information and no public records can be requested.


Q8:  I don’t understand the pillars and how I log actions for all of them? Do I need to log actions on all pillars to win rewards? 

A8: On flagstafflocal.com, you can read about each of the pillars, get ideas on actions, see helpful links, and more. You do not have to log actions on all pillars to earn points. It’s up to you on what you choose to share and how you want to earn points.


Q9: How does a participant log points for the ‘vote’ pillar since there is no election during the time period of the movement?

A9:  Take a photo of becoming a registered voter, show how you educated yourself on candidates and propositions by taking a photo with you and the source of information (ballot booklet, newspaper, etc.), voting for your school’s student council and club elections also qualify.  Also, you can attend a public hearing and post a picture of the hearing or include yourself in the photo at the hearing, a photo of the hearing’s agenda will also be accepted.  The point is to show the ‘action’ of attending.  


Q10:  Why do I need to choose file and upload a receipt, photo, and more on the pillars?

A10:  The premise of Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter involves logging your actions. To make your effort worthwhile, we added a point tracker element so you can continually be entered in to win rewards throughout the movement.  Once you have submitted an action and uploaded your receipt, photo or more, you will receive a message that shows the amount of points generated.


Q11: How do you accumulate points and how many points are awarded per pillar?

A11: On flagstafflocal.com, on the “how to earn points page” you will see each of the pillars and the points associated with each pillar. You are welcome to log as many actions as you choose to earn as many points as possible. 


Q12:  How long is the Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter movement happening?

A12:  The movement begins November 21, 2019 through May 31, 2020. It was decided to begin the movement before the holiday season and to end the movement before the Hullabaloo concert which occurs on June 6, 2020.  One of our incentives for locals is the first 300 locals that sign up and log 20 points of actions will receive a free Hullabaloo ticket.


Q13: What are the rewards a local can win? How were the rewards determined?

A13: Please go to flagstafflocal.com and view the home page. You will see a REWARDS tab. Click on it and learn about the 3 grand prizes that will be awarded in June 2020 and the weekly and monthly prizes that locals can win throughout the movement. All rewards were offered by our local businesses and grand prizes were determined by highest dollar amount.


Q14: Do services or classes count as a purchase?

A14: Yes, whether participating in a yoga class, seeing a doctor, attending a class, or hiring a local contractor, these purchases in our Flagstaff city limits are all eligible.


Q15: Can I participate and not log my actions?

A15:  Yes, anyone can participate and sign in without doing anything further. By signing in, you earn a Flagstaff Local – My Actions Matter sticker. We suggest you display this logo in a highly visible place like your water bottle, laptop, etc. When someone sees the sticker, they will hopefully ask you what it is and how they can get one as well. The point is for everyone to show their love of Flagstaff and the place they chose to live. Your sticker can be picked up at our Flagstaff Visitor Center at 1 E. Route 66.  Note:  The absence of logging actions makes you ineligible for grand prizes, but you would be eligible for weekly prizes.


Q16: How can my business share information and get involved?

A16: We will be providing a business toolkit that includes a large-sized poster, table tent for the counter, and a window cling. These are free to all businesses. These can be picked up at the Visitor Center at 1 E. Route 66 during regular business hours. We suggest business owners encourage their local patrons to sign-up and to share their actions. This can be in way of helping a local resident to upload their receipt from the purchase they just made at their location, offering a percentage discount to locals to encourage shopping, encourage volunteers to share their hours worked, ask a local to share the story of the dog they rescued, and so on.


Q17:  How can I earn points with sharing?  

A17:  Improve your odds of winning by sharing the Flagstaff Local Facebook link on Facebook, Twitter and email.  You can also like our Flagstaff Local Facebook page (@Flaglocal).


Q18: How can I learn more? How can I share this movement?

A18: Please go to our flagstafflocal.com and review the various pages.  We are sure you will get your other questions answered. We are excited for you to learn more and participate.  Please display your flagstafflocal.com sticker with pride, like our flagstafflocal.com Facebook page, create your own social posts that can be shared, and talk about The Movement in social and business settings.

Flagstaff Local faces - two rows of Flag locals miling


For questions, call or email:

For in-person assistance, visit:

City of Flagstaff
928. 213.2901

Flagstaff Visitor Center
1 E Rte 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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